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DreamTeach Activ is here- preview video image

DreamTeach Activ is here- preview video

DreamTeach Activ is now available. It is a pupil work site with over 200 tasks and 5000 self marking questions. It is free for existing DreamTeach subscribers and replicates the package you currently use in school. Have a look at the movie for more information..

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DreamTeach Promotional Avatar image

DreamTeach Promotional Avatar

This talking avatar sums up DreamTeach and what it has to offer with our promotional video as the backdrop.  

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DreamTeach Promotional Video image

DreamTeach Promotional Video

If you are trying to convince your head of department to purchase this, or convince a senior manager to use some of the harnessing technology grant money towards it, then show them this video, which neatly sums up what DreamTeach offers.

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