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About DreamTeach

DreamTeach Geography has been developed by a team of Geography teachers in order to provide a complete teaching package for the Geography Teacher. The team comprises of Geographers with a range of experience from ICT and SEN to department, faculty and senior leadership. We bring together developments in ICT, thinking skills and more traditional resources to offer a complete package that will help to stimulate, and improve the learning experience of pupils in your classroom. Our ethos is to offer an evolving product which will be improved, updated and expanded on a daily basis. Our "Geography in the News" pages, for example, will offer teaching resources as soon as geographical events occur around the world.

Geography is the subject which lends itself to the use of interactive ICT resources in the best possible manner. This package makes Geography as interesting and accessible as possible for learners, from the fun and stimulating starter and plenary activities, to the carefully designed lesson activities.

We have specific Primary and Secondary sections, in addition to skills and Geography in the News sections. We also have a news blog where regular updates can be found. Our latest development is a free homework section which pupils can access at home or in school, which is designed to complement our existing resources.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us .