Q) Why will resources such as the presentations and games not appear?

A) You need to have Adobe Flash player installed to view most of the resources. Download Free Flash Player Now

Q) Why don’t the resources appear big enough on my interactive whiteboard/projector screen, etc?

A) Press F11 to make presentations, games and other visual resources appear full screen, and F11 to revert back at any point. To enlarge movies there is a tab in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Q) Why don’t the Google Earth tours work properly?

A) You need Google Earth installed on your computer to run these. Download Free Google Earth Now

Q) Why don’t the Google Earth tours run?

A) You need to click on the play icon which can be seen below:

Image showing the Play Icon on Google Earth

Q) Why don’t buildings appear in 3D on Google Earth?

A) You need to have 3D buildings enabled in the layers menu (see below):

Image showing the 3D Buildings Icon on Google Earth

Q) Why can’t I print off assessment stickers correctly?

A) Use the printing guidance page

Q) How will I know when my Dreamteach subscription expires, so that I can renew?

A) You will be sent an email to the address that you registered with us reminding you that your subscription is about to expire.

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