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Butler model match up game image

Butler model match up game

This game requires pupils to choose the correct places for the statements within the Butler Model to go. There are mark and reset buttons at the bottom to assist. 

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Factors that affect beach tourism game image

Factors that affect beach tourism game

In this game, pupils need to match up factors to the correct physical and human boxes. There are mark and reset buttons at the bottom to aid the task. 

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Guess what tourism image

Guess what tourism

A taboo style game where 1 pupil has to have his or her back to the board. Pupils then take turns describing key words to this person, without using a set of banned key words.

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Snowdonia match up image

Snowdonia match up

This match up activity requires pupils to drag the correct activities to the right features required.

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Tourism en garde image

Tourism en garde

This sword fighting question game can be played as 1 or 2 player, making it ideal to recap material as a class or in groups. 

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Tourism half a min image

Tourism half a min

This task gives pupils a key word from the topic that is jumbled up. Pupils have 30 seconds to enter the correct answer, against the countdown timer.

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Tourism penalty shootout image

Tourism penalty shootout

This penalty shootout is designed specifically for KS4 pupils. Pupils simply answer a question and then take their penalty. It has the option for 1 or 2 players and works well with the class split into two teams.

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