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Primary Geography Menu
a) Blank world map (political)

This blank world map allows pupils to locate individual countries. These are all A4 PDF files to make opening and printing straightforwards.

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b) Blank UK map (political)

This UK map allows the separate components of the UK to be identified easily.

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c) Blank Europe map (political)

This European map allows individual countries to be identified easily.

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d) Blank England's main regions map

This map identifies England's 9 main regions.

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e) Blank England counties map

A map highlighting the different counties in England.

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f) Blank Wales counties map

This map allows easy differentiation between the different counties in Wales.

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g) Blank Scottish unitary authorities map

This map highlights the 32 unitary authorities in Scotland.

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h) Blank Brazil map

A basic political map of Brazil.

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i) Blank Japan map

A basic map of Japan for a variety of tasks.

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j) Blank Kenya map

A blank Kenya map for a variety of uses.

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k) Blank France map

A blank map of France for a variety of uses.

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l) Blank Italy map

A blank map of Italy with a variety of uses

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