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Primary Geography Menu
Christmas geography penalty shootout

In this penalty shootout, pupils need to answer the Geography and Christmas related questions. It can be played as one or two players. 

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Guess the country

Using the clues from Santa and his friends, guess the country that they are talking about. 

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Guess the country advent calendar

In this activity, pupils need to guess the countries using the flags, images and capitals as clues. 

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Santa games

In this task, pupils need to match up the labels with the correct countries, in order to help Santa with his toy deliveries. Simply drag a line from the label to the correct blue dot. There is then a second page (accessed by clicking the next tab), where pupils need to order the places from North to South. This will ensure that Santa and the reindeer have the shortest journey possible. 

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Santa games 2

There are three pages of games on this resource. The first involved locating Lapland, whilst the second requires pupils to complete the missing word in a passage of text about the Geography of Santa. The final involves sorting flags into continents for Santa. The back, feedback and mark buttons work at the bottom, but can you only progress onto the next page when each page has been attempted. 

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