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1a) What is Brazil like- thinking hats frame

This lesson uses elements of De Bono’s thinking hats in order to help pupils assess what life in Brazil is like, and how it compares to life in the UK. Pupils need a thinking hat frame (ideally a class set could be laminated). Pupils then cut out the images and place them in the frame, and answer the questions using the different thinking hats. Following this there is a worksheet to complete, where pupils tick the boxes that apply to each image. (There is a version of the thinking hats that is friendlier to printing in black and white included too). This is the thinking hats frame.

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1b) What is Brazil like- thinking hats images

These are the images to use with the thinking hats frame. Pupils cut out the images, placing each one on the frame before using the different coloured boxes to think in different ways about the images.

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1c) What is Brazil like- thinking hats worksheet

This worksheet accompanies the thinking hats frame and images. Pupils work through this having thought about each of the 4 images within the frame.

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1d) What is Brazil like- thinking hats black and white print friendly frame

This version of the thinking hats frame prints far better in black and white than the standard frame, if you would rather use the frame in black and white.

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2a) The Amazon rainforest- decision making exercise

In this decision making task, ten different events connected with the Amazon rainforest appear on the presentation (they will update every 4 minutes or can be updated manually). Pupils work in groups, noting each event on their worksheet, before choosing one of the options available to them. The answers and rationale for them are included with the worksheet.

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2b) The Amazon rainforest- decision making exercise worksheet

This is the worksheet for the DME exercise. Pupils fill in the relevant events on their sheet as they occur, and then decide on the best course of action. Points scoring and rationale are included with the this.

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3a) Development mystery- reporter avatar introduction

This reporter avatar sets the scene for this development mystery, as pupils have to decide why Robinho's mother was kidnapped in Brazil.

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3b) Development mystery- background information sheet

These resources provide a mystery for pupils to solve about the level of development in Brazil. They need to find out why the footballer Robinho's mother was kidnapped in Brazil. This is a background information sheet to set the scene.

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3c) Development mystery- clue cards

This clue cards sheet is used by pupils in order to work out why Robinho’s mother was kidnapped.

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