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1a) Population thinking hats- frame

This lesson uses De Bono’s thinking hats to look at where people have settled and why. Pupils use different thinking hats on the thinking hat frame whilst looking at different images around the world (thinking hats images). They then use the thinking hat worksheet to decide which the most desirable places to live are. There is also a presentation to use with the class as you go along and a black and white friendly version of the thinking hats frame if you can’t print in colour. This is the frame for use with the lesson.

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1b) Population thinking hats- images

These are the images to use with the thinking hats frame. Pupils cut out the images, placing each one on the frame before using the different coloured boxes to think in different ways about the images.

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1c) Population thinking hats- worksheet

This worksheet accompanies the thinking hats frame and images. Pupils work through this having thought about each of the 4 images within the frame.

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1d) Population thinking hats- presentation

This presentation allows you to run through elements of the lesson for the class, as the images are contained within the frame. It works well with lower ability groups or where colour photocopying may not be possible.

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1e) Population thinking hats- black and white print friendly frame

This version of the thinking hats frame prints far better in black and white than the standard frame, if you would rather use the frame in black and white.

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2a) Population living graphs- graph

These resources focus on population growth and the reasons for it, using living graphs. There is a population growth presentation which highlights just what an issue it is at present. Pupils then try to place the statements about population growth on the correct part of the graph. This is the graph that pupils use.

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2b) Population living graphs- statements

These are the statements that pupils place in the relevant place on the living graph.

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3) Land use- Cardiff Bay thinking skills task.

This is a skills based exercise that looks at how the Cardiff Bay area has developed from docklands into a modern commercialised area. There are 8 statements by a range of people about the developments and pupils have to follow the instructions on the second page to complete the tasks. There is a land use movie that accompanies this resource.    

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