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1a) Tourism casestudies- Majorca mystery secret agent introduction

This talking avatar introduces the mystery. Pupils need to find out why Bill and Betty no longer holiday in Majorca, and choose alternative destinations instead. There is a movie about Majorca, clue cards and a background information sheet to help.

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1b) Tourism casestudies- Majorca mystery background information

Pupils have to work out why Bill and Betty stopped going to Majorca using this background information sheet and the clue cards. This sheet provides general information about tourism in Majorca and Majorca's location.

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1c) Tourism casestudies- Majorca mystery clue cards

Pupils have to work out why Bill and Betty stopped going to Majorca using the background information sheet and the clue cards. These cluecards provide the information that pupils need to try and solve the mystery.

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2a) Tourism thinking hats- frame

These resources get pupils thinking about different tourist destinations and the issue of sustainable tourism, using De Bono’s thinking hats. Pupils place the images on the thinking hats frame and answer the questions on the frame (there are eight images rather than four in some other similar resources). Pupils then work through the questions on the worksheet. This is the frame for pupils to use.

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2b) Tourism thinking hats- images

These are the images to use with the thinking hats frame. Pupils cut out the images, placing each one on the frame before using the different coloured boxes to think in different ways about the images.

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2c) Tourism thinking hats- worksheet

This worksheet accompanies the thinking hats frame and images. Pupils work through this having thought about each of the 8 images within the frame.  

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2d) Tourism thinking hats- black and white print friendly frame

This version of the thinking hats frame prints far better in black and white than the standard frame, if you would rather use the frame in black and white.

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3) Holiday mind movie

There are excellent literacy links in this mind movie resource. Read out the start of the holiday story and pupils then continue the story themselves. It works well at the end of the topic as pupils’ learning starts to appear in the story.

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