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1a) An introduction to Brazil- movie

These are resources designed to introduce Brazil as a topic. This is an introductory movie to recap prior knowledge and help pupils to get a taste of Brazil.

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1b) An introduction to Brazil - information finding worksheet

This is an information finding task which develops pupils thinking skills (it is complete with instructions). Pupils have to read through the information cards on an aspect of Brazil, summarising them using just 10 key words and images. It also helps to develop pupils' note taking skills.

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1c) An introduction to Brazil- country match up worksheet

Pupils need to match up the correct pieces of information to the correct countries in this task. It works best if the pupils can cut out the cards and physically move them around in order to match them up. It also gets them thinking about Brazil's standing in terms of development.

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1d) Blank Brazil Map

This is a blank Brazil map that could be used as a basis for atlas work, whether a political map, physical features map, regions map or a picture map.

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2) Brazil in numbers

This resource provides excellent numeracy links. Pupils have to match up the correct numbers with the correct statements about Brazil. It works well if the statements sheet is laminated, and then pupils can simply overlay the correct numbers on the correct statements. The answers are included with the worksheet.

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3) Brazil's history

This resource focuses on Brazil’s history. From the timeline, the different events can be clicked on to provide more information.

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4) The Amazon rainforest- presentation

The rainforest is introduced through this Amazon rainforest presentation which looks many different aspects of the Amazon rainforest. This leads onto the decision making exercise.

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5) Brazil's future- movie

This movie looks at the difficult predicament that Brazil faces. The Amazon rainforest is precious, and many people believe that it shouldn’t be developed. The vast majority of Brazil’s population live in extreme poverty though. The video could lead onto a debate or a letter to the President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva with pupils expressing their views about rainforest development.

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