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1) Why does it rain- memory map

These resources focus on both the three main types of rainfall, and clouds. There is a rainfall memory map for pupils to try initially, where groups of pupils take turns trying to memorise parts of the rainfall memory map (short turns of about 10-15 seconds). They then try to produce a copy of the map in their group. It is probably best to get this enlarged to A3 size. This is the memory map.

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2a) Climate change- secret agent introduction

This talking avatar introduces this mystery. Pupils need to investigate the reasons why Jessica was so desperate to visit Edinburgh. They have the background information sheet and the clue cards to help them solve the mystery.  

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2b) Climate change- mystery background information

This is a climate change mystery (along with resource 9c). The mystery asks pupils why Jessica was desperate to go to Edinburgh, and pupils use this background information sheet to set the scene.

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2c) Climate change- mystery clue cards

These clue cards provide the information so that pupils can work out why Jessica was desperate to visit Edinburgh.

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