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Secondary Geography Menu
ArcGIS mapping

This world mapping allows layers to be toggled on and off such as relief and places. You can zoom in and out, and move the map around, so it should prove a very useful tool in the classroom. 

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Bing Maps

This resource gives access to Bing maps. It has a useful latitude and longitude finder at the bottom which helps when teaching this skill. All of the usual tabs work, with 2D, 3D, aerial and road maps being available.

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Google Earth

This resource allows quick access to Google Earth, without having to open or download the programme itself. It may ask you to download a plugin to run on the first occasion, but will run fine in most internet browsers.

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Google Maps

This resource allows quick access to Google Maps. The map can be switched from a map, to satellite or earth views and has the full functionality of Google Maps.

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Google Streetview

Although Google streetview is available freely, this programme has two advantages. It has the street image standing alongside the map, and it saves having to have several different websites open, as it is available through DreamTeach. 

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Historical mapping

This mapping from the National Library of Scotland provides historical mapping based on Ordnance Survey maps from the 1920s to 1940s. It would provide an excellent contrast with the up to date Ordnance Survey maps. 

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OS maps

This our new fully functioning mapping courtesy of Ordnance Survey. Zoom in or out and show pupils map skills, or simply use to complement other contexts. When zoomed in, it replicates the types of maps that GCSE pupils will come across during their exams.

If using Mozilla Firefox then it should work fine. If using Internet Explorer and it doesn't appear properly, click on the page tab on the menu bar above and select compatibility view. You can also change the zoom level here too if the map is too large or small for you to view best.

The search bar and zoom on the map are fully functional.

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